jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

Mexico sets renewable energy by law

Mexican government has set by law that by 2024, 35 percent of electricity is from renewable energies. Currently, 80 percent is produced is based on fossil sources.

The vast majority of the 103 companies that compete in the first auction of electricity in Mexico offer produce electricity using wind and solar projects, said the agency power controller.

The DDO Market National Center for Energy Control (CENACE), Erith Hernandez, said that at least 52 percent of the bidders in the auction are solar power and 46 percent of wind power, while a reduced number of other renewable sources.

The auction of electricity long term, which began in November 2015, is the first to be held after the energy reform of 2014 that opened the energy market to Mexican and foreign private investment after nearly 80 years of stay in state hands.

"Of the total offer we have received just over 52 or 53 percent are offers solar power and around 46 percent are wind energy, the rest, some are cogeneration" Hernandez said during his speech at a congressional panel "Mexico Wind Power 2016".

Some of the bidders companies have new production plants, while other projects are under construction or refurbishment, the official added.

Hernandez said that the number of bidders competing for contracts to sell installed capacity, power, and energy certificate (CEL) exceeded the expectations I had prior to inciar the process, which will culminate on March 31 federal government.

Participants collectively submitted 468 technical bids totaling 830 megawatts of power, 102 million megawatt hours of energy and 109 million CELS, Hernandez recalled.

The winning companies of the auction will sell power to the Federal Electricity Commission, which as a productive state enterprise is, for now, the only entity in the country that sells electricity to residential and commercial users.

As the only buyer, CFE set on January 26 that its bid in the auction is 500 MW, 6.3 million MWH of energy and CELS 6.3 million to cover its needs of clean energy.

"The auction is quite busy and that's pretty good," said the deputy director of Market Operations CENACE.

A team of specialists in economics, management, law and engineering analyze the proposals offered by the bidders in the auction, which is currently in its pre-qualification phase project, said Hernandez.

With a capacity of 16,953 MW generating the first half of 2015, renewable energy accounted for 25 percent of Mexico's total, according to figures from the Ministry of Energy.

Currently, Mexico has 38 wind projects, most of them established in the southern state of Oaxaca.

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