lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

Mexico sets renewable energy by law

Mexican government has set by law that by 2024, 35 percent of electricity is from renewable energies. Currently, 80 percent is produced is based on fossil sources.

The vast majority of the 103 companies that compete in the first auction of electricity in Mexico offer produce electricity using wind and solar projects, said the agency power controller.

The DDO Market National Center for Energy Control (CENACE), Erith Hernandez, said that at least 52 percent of the bidders in the auction are solar power and 46 percent of wind power, while a reduced number of other renewable sources.

The auction of electricity long term, which began in November 2015, is the first to be held after the energy reform of 2014 that opened the energy market to Mexican and foreign private investment after nearly 80 years of stay in state hands.

100 injured and 4,500 affected by oil spills in Peruvian Amazon

A hundred wounded and 4,500 people affected is the balance of the two oil spills occurred in the Amazon of Peru one month after the first of these leaks was recorded by Oil Pipeline Norperuano, according to emergency reports updated today by the Institute of Civil Defense ( Indeci).
100 people injured are concentrated in the municipality of Imaza, located in the Amazonas region in northern Peru, where a ruptured pipeline occurred on 25 January poured between 2,000 and 3,000 barrels of oil, part of which polluted the Inayo rivers and Chiriaco, where native fish communities in the area. The report indicated that the hundred injured are people whose health was affected by “various diagnoses, mostly headaches” resulting from inhalation of the strong odor emanating crude.  

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