miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Who the hell is Conchita Wurst ???? (aka Thomas Neuwirth)

Conchita Wurst total victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Austria 48 years after his last victory. The forecasts already pointed to be the queen of the night with a flawless performance , the artist spread his wings like a phoenix from his song to conquer more than 170 million viewers who watched the show .

Called Thomas Neuwirth , but since 2011 climbs to the stage dressed as a woman and a bushy beard . Even before presented to the world on Saturday , had become the media phenomenon of his country, Austria.

Conchita Wurst (translated , Conchita sausage) was chosen internally by the ORF public television in the country to represent Austria in the famous European music festival. Wurst and got a dream chasing wearing long and has finally achieved success in full binge .

And, at first, Conchita Wurst was actually Thomas Neuwirth , a talented twenties who decided to participate in 2006 in the third edition of the musical program " Starmania ", where he finished second behind Nadine Beiler ( the Austrian representative in 2011 Eurovision ) . This is the video of his performance

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