viernes, 23 de enero de 2015

Pedro Lemebel passes away

At age 62 passed away Chilean writer Pedro Lemebel , after encountering suffering from cancer of the larynx , which was admitted to the Arturo López Pérez Foundation.

The information was confirmed by his friend and spokesman , Aldo Perán , through his Twitter account about 2.00 am.

Lemebel was born on November 21, 1952 , and has extensive literary career , but it was not until 2014 that he was nominated for the National Book Award .

Through a statement that was published writer had the disease for a long time and that " gave a great fight against this terrible disease , which sought voiceless license, but that could leave voiceless Lemebel ? His voice there and persists " .

In 2012 , he underwent laryngectomy product of that disease.

This month, Lemebel was honored with Night Macuca , meeting was attended by actors, musicians and artists to rescue the literary work of the acclaimed Chilean sound artist .

The event was held under the International Festival Santiago a Mil . .

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