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Miss tanguita: the contest with which Colombia took 20 years to get mad

Miss tanguita in Barbosa, Santander, Colombia.
After over 20 years of being celebrated, the "Miss tanguita" in Barbosa, Santander, is now at the center of debate.
It is the contest that everyone seems to be talking. And it's no wonder.
It's called "Miss TANGUITA" and puts parading girls between 5 and 11 years in swimsuit, facing a crowd that usually no shortage of drunks.
Images of the event, held in the Colombian municipality of Barbosa, began circulating the weekend and indignation quickly felt in social networks.
Soon media and state institutions also shouted "scandal" and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, the Attorney General and the Attorney General's Office announced various investigations and promised punishment for those involved.
Miss thong, Barbosa, Santander.
Authorities say the contest violates the rights of participating children.
And even the international press echoed the theme, which was reported by media as Russia Today, The Strait Times of Singapore, The Japan Times and The Korea Herald was, just to mention a few.
But there is one detail: according to Mayor Barbosa, Rocío Galeano, the contest has been held as such for over 20 years.
Why is it then only until now that captures the attention and the subject of investigations and scandal?
Part of the answer may lie in the normality with which many of the people linked to -part massive event Suárez River Festival, which is celebrated annually also the best known "Miss Tanga" - see the competition.
"What little girl does not dream of being a princess or queen?" I said for example the local daily El Tiempo mother of two girls who participated in the competition this year.
Miss Colombia Event
Beauty pageants are extremely popular in Colombia. And many girls dream of imitating the "queens" who participate in them.
And local authorities surprised also defended the "Miss Tanguita", arguing that the aim of the competition could not be further from the alleged promotion of sexual exploitation of children of being accused, they say the same they are looking for encourage pampering and linking small to environmental causes.
In fact, the roots of the competition is such that even the very municipality spokesman, Tatiana Smith, acknowledged having participated in it during his childhood, even earning the title of viceroy.
And since it is estimated that the Suarez River Festival attracts 150,000 people every year, it is still very telling that for two decades nobody has felt compelled to sound an alarm bell.

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