miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

Malillany Marin is in love Malillany Marin Bailando Hot

A few days ago , Malillany Marin was surprised to walk in Toluca with new beau : it is Carlos Arenas , host of " Venga la Alegría " of the station house Azteca it is for Televisa , where Cuban works .
On the radio show Flor Rubio was reported that Malillany and Carlos left for the day to Toluca and both showed romantic attitudes. However, the issue is mentioned that Arenas has a stable relationship with another person , so that there is little doubt why they were together if they are not even coworkers or are employees of the same company .
In other media , as Figure , it was reported that the meeting between the two was because they took part in an exhibition race car Ferrari, where they were released from stress with the speed and adrenaline and perhaps later chose to live a little longer.

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