miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Lara Alvarez, the new girlfriend of Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has closed the Russian chapter of his love life and has opted for a Asturian girlfriend, who, like him , knows the stew and rice pudding ( even can cook ) . The choice is Lara Alvarez, television presenter sports- Rama , whom he dismissed the year in Las Vegas. Account 'Hello' which then traveled to New York and has been there among the crowds of Times Square where the photographer discovered them (and it's skill and good GPS). Fernando is shown loving and uninhibited because Lara charms are obvious and did not know he was immortalizing . She follows the ritual of love on the crest of the wave. I understand it ; holds in his arms a top athlete and needs as transparent as Cristina Pedroche to have hearing dress.

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